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The A! [ July 12, Tue / July 29, Fri ]

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The A! is a band from Croatia that started their musical journey with the song "If I Had U" that was released shortly after their debut performance at the Inmusic Festival, an international festival that's taking place in Zagreb.   It was their first single and was very well received by radios and their fans. By [...]

Pinky & the Brain [ July 21, Thu ]

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Pinky & the Brain is a duo from Rijeka formed by Eni Jurisic semi-finalist of the world famous show 'The Voice', and Nika on acoustic guitar with her specific voice. Each song they perform in a special way, and their distinctive style and positive energy leaves no one indifferent. Their extremely colorful repertoire includes the [...]

PLETERI [ July 16, Sat / July 23, Sat ]

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PleteRI were formed in 2013 and have already played more than 100 concerts in Croatia and abroad which include clubs, bars, festivals, moto meetings, public squares and various events. The band has played alongside many well-known bands such as Opća Opasnost (four times), Hladno Pivo (two times), Prljavo Kazalište (two times), LET 3, Atomsko Sklonište [...]

PADRE [ July 07, Thu / July 09, Sat ]

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Padre is the Rijeka band, a cover version of members of the progressive rock / metal band Father. Their rock show in walks you through the hits of bands for every taste and general joy of existence! The repertoire consists of the success of groups such as Nirvana, Metallica , Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green [...]

The Janitors [ July 02, Sat]

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The Janitors are acoustic cover band from Rijeka. The band consists of two acoustic guitars, keyboards and cajon. They play processing most international hits of different genres - pop, rock, reggae, and so on. Thus, in their repertoire can find diverse artists such as The Police, The Clash, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, [...]